Saturday, June 29, 2013

PPRMCS celebrates 100 years of Scouting in Sabah with a medal!

In conjunction with the 100 years of Sabah Scouting, the King Scout Brotherhood of Sabah will be producing a Commemorative Medal and Bar. This medal has been approved by the Chief Commissioner of Sabah, Datuk Awang Zaini Suntim and can be worn on the uniform. Selected individuals will be awarded with this medal but you can also owned this medal through your generous contribution. Forms for your contribution will be issued out as soon as possible. Contribution ranges from RM50 for PPRMCS members to RM130 for other King Scouts or equivalent. Details will be provided soonest possible.

Also, in conjunction with the 100 years of Sabah Scouts Jamboree/Sabah 2nd Jamboree on 12-17 August 2013 at Sandakan, Sabah, a gathering of King Scouts will be held. Tentative date is 14 August 2013, 3-5pm. Some of the itinerary includes presentation of the medal. Will keep posted on details. In the mean time, mark your calender!